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Meaning a compostable product is a product that is transformed into compost through a decomposition and humidification process by macro and micro-organisms in the presence of oxygen. The compost resulting from the composting process enriches the soil with components that nourish the same. Its use, with the addition of organic substance improves soil structure and bioavailability of nutrients. As a biological activator also increases the biodiversity of micro-flora in the soil.


Composting significantly reduces the volume of organic waste, and the compost produced is then reused for agricultural purposes or for horticulture. Key importance is the establishment of a quality compost namely organic material resulting from the biodegradation of waste selectively collected. Composting is technically an aerobic biological process controlled by man.

Bio-Dì is suitable for creating biodegradable and compostable products that meet the requirements set forth by European regulations EN13432, which ensures the biodegradability and compostability of certified materials with which you can produce quality compost by organic recycling process.