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Compostable Shopping Bags Production

BIO-DÌ is a compound suitable for film extrusion process, for the production of biodegradable and compostable shopping bags, in accordance with the technical standard UNI EN 13432 (placed in a normal composting plant is transformed into water, carbon dioxide and humus in 90 days, for a percentage higher than 90% of the their initial weight).


Easiest adaptability

BIO-DÌ can normally be transformed on standard extruder for polyethylene without making major changes, with particular attention to the efficiency of the cooling system. Generally the screws for the processing of LDPE are also suitable for the processing of the BIO-DÌ. The processing conditions will vary, depending on the characteristics of the plant, between 160 and 170°C


Perfect welding

With BIO-DÌ you can still use the same welding equipment, the structure of the extruded film makes the welding procedure very efficient and easy to manage. The operative temperature in exercise of the blades cut / weld between 350-450°C .


Easily Printable

The compound is easily printable (also without crown treatment) on-line and off -line, using solvent-based inks. Tests performed using water based inks gave good results even in the absence or mild crown treatment.